Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do the acronyms, IVR, VIVR and VCX mean?
Answer: The legacy technology using voice prompts for in-coming calls is called an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). When visual response technology was first introduced, it was “labeled” VIVR (Visual Interactive Voice Response). DMA felt that VIVR was a misnomer and correctly tagged its service as VCX (Visual Customer Xperience). Because the VIVR acronym had been used initially, DMA may still refer to its usage for comparison purposes.

Question: What are the benefits of using DialMyApp’s VCX service?
Aside from the expected advantage of converting verbal menus (IVR) to visual menus (VCX), the real benefits come from diverting calls from agents to self serve digital assets. This improves first call resolution, reduced response time and improved customer satisfaction. DMA’s technology is easy to install, quick to stand up and very simple and intuitive for customers to use.

Question: How long does it take DMA to implement the VCX service?
Less than one month! Our running average is 29 days, or less, to fully implement DialMyApp. Additional time may be required for changes, improvements and approvals, but the basic functionality is simple to add to your current digital systems. This speeds you toward making a real difference in lessening your call volume and ROI.

Question: How does DialMyApp fit within my company’s omnichannel, digital strategy?
DialMyApp crosses over multiple digital channels and can integrate back into the voice agent channel. Web, Chat, Social Media, SMS/Text and others are supported by the VCX service attributes of DMA. The benefits include a cross channel or “omnichannel” experience for customers, meeting them where they are and helping to close customer tickets, reduce call center backlogs and, of course, improve the customer experience.

Question: How does VCX impact my business?
IVR’s are known for causing customer frustration, zero outs and call abandonment issues. Poor customer service results in billions of lost revenues per year. DMA’s VCX service is proven to positively impact key metrics of the business including cross-selling, upselling, customer satisfaction, reduced call center calls and many others.

Question: What additional system infrastructure do I need with DMA?
We can often implement our VCX service without any changes to your IVR, or current digital properties.

Question: Is DMA’s VCX a mobile, self-service solution?
Yes. VCX enables customer self-service. Customers can interact with the App to address order status, pay bills, send information to your company, scan a QR code, schedule service and many other tasks to help lower your call load to the customer centers.

Question: How is DMA’s VCX service different from other, similar services (VIVR’s)?
The greatest difference between DMA and other VIVR services is in the ease of implementation. Other services tend to be large IT implementations and can interfere with your current digital strategy, which can be lengthy and costly. With DMA, there is virtually no disruption of your existing digital assets (Web, Mobile App, IVR, etc.) It can be up and running within days. We can have a working demo to show you in less than a week … A proof of concept pilot can be implemented shortly thereafter.

Question: Do our customers need to have the DMA App on their phones for VCX to work?
No.  Having the DMA App on their phones is not necessary. Without the App, when the customer calls, they will receive a text message asking them to “Touch here to activate the new visual menu.”  Once they do that, the CVX menu appears on their screen to use.  The advantage to having the App on their phone is the elimination of the text message step … the VCX system automatically opens when your customer calls. There are several ways the VCX App can be downloaded onto their phones … actively and passively. DMA supports both IOS and Android smart phones.

Question: What are the integration opportunities of VCX with messengers, our Mobile App and Website?
Our system is easy to integrate and will work well with yours. VCX can be used to drive activity to the messengers, to digital assistants and to other digital assets you currently have. DialMyApp is integrated with your Mobile App and Website. It helps promote your APP and increases the number of active users. DMA can awaken customers that have downloaded your APP but are still not currently using it. DMA can also significantly increase traffic to your website for self service solutions.

Question: Will DialMyApp compromise my company’s customer privacy?
DMA’s VCX service is merely s gateway – a bridge to a secure HTTPS location on your company’s website or Mobile App. We do not store any customer information at all. User names, passwords, cc numbers are never stored by DMA.

Question: What if I want to make changes to the menu, logo or ad banner?
Most changes can be configured on our DMA cloud-based platform and are available to you within 24 hours.

Question: What is the size of your SDK and Profile?
SDK is up to 2MB. Profile is approximately 21kb.

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