How 100 Companies in Israel Bypassed Their IVR

Israelis are demanding consumers – they want what they want and value efficiency. Waiting on hold for a call center agent does not make many of us happy campers. Not so much in that country either. Also, Israel is famously a center point of innovation, creativity and problem solvers.

Recognizing the opportunity, DialMyApp launched Dynamic Customer Service in 2014. Since then, the service has evolved from a visual IVR application to a better way to serve consumers, save valuable customer service time and save money for businesses. If you are like many businesses, you are constantly trying to balance between exemplary customer service and limited budgets. You are also already on board with using a variety of digital assets to help consumers self-serve. The DialMyApp option is a great solution for everyday and more routine tasks that consumers regularly face.

But even with disparate digital assets like chat, websites, SMS/text and social, it can be a struggle for consumers to find the right solution at the right time. DialMyApp has several customizable solutions that are specifically tailored to your industry and the consumers you serve. Its like the best of the digital assets, except is direct, quick and intuitive.

Customer service is one of the most difficult aspects of business management. If you do things right, there can be little recognition. If things go wrong, it can get elevated to executives, the board or even shareholders/owners. While this is the case, expanding budgets for customer service is generally not something we often see. So, you have to do more with less, make things right, juggle the various issues against time, money and judgement. Some complex issues can only be handled by a person or even a team working directly with the customer – and most often the phone is the best way to make things right. Not an easy gig for the customer service management team.

If you are a consumer, you are working thru a different process with each company you deal with. Some are really good and offer memorable customer experiences. But sometimes things break down, and then the resolution process is pretty poor to be honest. We have all experienced this and solutions are not easy to find – and certainly are not quick. A fact that can’t be ignored – over $100 billion in revenue is lost each year due to poor customer service. Consumers are generally wired to make a phone call – the urgency and motivation to fix something that may be lagging along, can only be fixed by talking to someone. It may be a little different by culture, but the phone has provided a relatively satisfying aspect to fixing a problem for most. But, what if it’s not?

Phone calls direct to a person are becoming a luxury. More often a consumer has to navigate a clumsy IVR voice system. Dial 1 for… has become a dreaded thing to hear when you are trying to get some answers or resolution to a problem. Often the call center resolution time is extended due to volume and many minutes on hold is what a consumer faces. This experience directed the owners of DialMyApp to create something better.

Mundane migration meets the morose

At the same time the owners of DialMyApp were working on something better, leading companies using voice IVR realized it is time for a drastic change. Some companies resorted to Visual IVR which in most cases, is pretty much a visual interface to the already existing IVR. This is a visualization of the same IVR they have been struggling with for decades. Visual IVR systems involve a lengthy integration and require complex system integration, which is quite a costly solution. As it turned out visualizing the IVR was not the game-changer these executives had in mind! The migration from voice IVR to visual IVR was mundane and never met the mark. This visual IVR also continued the consumers path to being ill tempered and sullen.

Yet, customers kept calling! So – to help with all these calls, a better mousetrap was needed.

The solution: DCS – Dynamic Customer Service model

DCS is a complete all-in-one new strategy where the customer is in the center and in full control – where the customer is dynamically served according to a combination of various measurable factors, such as the language of the customer, the smartphone type/model, the carrier (mobile operator) and several others.DCS is a pivot in how companies associate with their customers; a real game-changer.


Choosing the DCS model from DialMyApp has resulted in helping more than 100 Israeli companies improve their customer service. significantly on operational cost savings (saving on call-to-serve) and to improve their customer digital engagement dramatically, hence increasing customer satisfaction.
A variety of industries including Banking, Telecommunication, Utilities, Transportation, and many others, all shared similar challenges:

  • A large portion of inbound calls to the agents need to be diverted to self-service
  • There were limited operational budgets
  • Consumers want multilingual support

The 100 companies realized a reduction of 25% to 49% (and over 70% on picks) of all calls to the Call Centers. Customer experience has improved, digital engagement has increased and each company saved significant money.

Bottom line: these 100 companies’ executives now report greater customer digital engagement (more customers use the company’s self-service) and a significant operational cost saving.

That is how 100 companies in Israel have by-passed their IVR successfully, with an outstanding ROI!

Why these companies selected DialMyApp?

Benefits for their Customers:

  • Avoid irritating IVR
  • Intuitive interaction
  • Time saver
  • Multilingual – serves in consumer’s language
  • Answers and actions are just a click away
  • 24×7 access to the business
  • Immediate access to information across the business platforms

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