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Omni-channel messaging platform

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Advantages and special features for managing direct omni-channel communication with your customers via Glassix:


Glassix, marketed by Innovilink, is an omni-channel digital messaging platform that enables your organization to maintain direct contact with its customers using their preferred communication channel and provide an innovative, fast and efficient customer experience.

Glassix enables inbound and outbound interactions in a variety of channels, thus significantly improving customer’s experience in any interaction with the organization. In addition, the platform enables simple, fast and efficient service & sales interactions with multiple customers without increasing the number of service representatives, thereby reducing expenses and maximizing profitability without compromising quality of service.

Benefits and Services

Omni-channel communication via Glassix is carried out simultaneously using a variety of online communication channels.(מזה אומר המשפט הזה?) Change old-fashioned phone calls and advance your contact center to the next level of service via a variety of digital communication channels:

What To Expect

Glassix improves customer’s experience and reduces queue time to your customers – without increasing manpower expenses:

Strengthening customer-brand relationship by improving customer experience: Instead of asking the customer to wait online to speak with a service representative, Glassix enables your customers to immediately contact the company representatives through each of these communication channels. Glassix also greatly improves the ability of customer service representatives to assist the customer with self-service and avoid on-site visits by exchanging bi-directional multimedia using images, videos, documents, sounds, user-manuals, etc.

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