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The Customer Dashboard


Our Influence

Voice calls eliminated with DialMyApp
Customers utilizing Digital Customer Services
Reduction in "average handle time"

We strive to improve your customer service metrics.

We can track key metrics using the DialMyApp integrated dashboards. This will help you improve your first response time, average handle time, find out the type of phone, language and demographics of the caller. Also, when they called and where they are calling from can be captured. We can even tell you who is calling.  We can tell you which areas of DialMyApp they clicked on, whether they completed their transaction and if they ultimately still needed to talk with a customer agent. Some common metrics we can help you improve are:

• Average First Response Time
• Customer Service Channel Mix
• Average Handle Time
• Upselling Ratios and Performance
• In App Support
• Tracking Customer Journey
• Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction
• Pending Ticket Ratios
• Zero outs
• Call Abandonment
• Personalization
• Customer Effort Measurement
• Average Reply Time
• Backlog

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