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VCX is quite different than a VIVR

There have been a few attempts to improve how customer service deals with the phone call engagement with consumers.  Here is how DialMyApp’s VCX differs from other attempts:

  • VCX is a simple, non-invasive installation.  Nothing complicated about it.
  • The time it takes to finalize the menu, and launch into full production, is a matter of days … not months.
  • There are no re-writes of your digital footprint … the VCX does not interfere in any way with those existing assets.  It is merely a gateway to them.
  • VCX is very consumer-friendly and intuitively easy to navigate.
  • The menu itself is ascetically pleasing and matches your company’s image and branding
  • The VCX is by far, less costly than IVR’s and VIVR’s